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A few weeks ago, my son's teacher suggested I take him for in an eye exam.

I scheduled his exam with the intent (in my mind) to check off a box. He had little interest in performing tasks whereby he has to sit and manipulate small things (such as a pencil). My husband and I chalked it up to "just being a boy." But since he had never had his eyes examined, I figured it wasn't a bad idea.

Let's just say I was a touch dumbfounded when the eye doctor told me he was farsighted and needed glasses. I might have even asked her if she was joking, but I am not sure there.

I was happy to hear that this is a commonly missed diagnosis with kids his age. Instead of telling us they can't see, they just quit doing the work and are then seen as lacking attention and focus when really, it's their eyes. I was actually somewhat happy to hear that there was maybe a reason for him staring off into space all the time, though a touch frightened about the prospect of keeping glasses on a 4-year-old little boy.

I wear glasses (no contacts because I am just a dork with trying to get contacts in my eyes -- the concept of sticking my finger in my eye just gives me shivers up and down my spine). When I go to pick out glasses, it takes me a long time. Hours maybe. I have even left and come back hoping for more selection and that the perfect pair will jump out at me.

It usually doesn't.

It took me about five minutes flat to select a pair of glasses for my now very cranky son from the very limited selection for little kids.

He now has had his glasses for going on a week, and they are still in one piece and haven't been lost, yet. (Knocking on wood.) They have been cleaned an excessive amount because my son will seek any opportunity to spray liquids from tiny little squirt bottles. I haven’t discouraged this because I keep reminding myself he is taking care of them. But I have exploited this for my own purpose…

“Hey, why don’t you clean my glasses, too, while you are at it!”

I haven't seen so well in months!