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A little something

For me, summers and music go hand in hand.

Nearly every summer of my life can be correlated with a theme song.

There was the summer that MTV hit Wyoming, and we spent the entire summer indoors (until booted outside by my mom) watching and rating each and every video.

There was the summer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. (Cringe.)

Then there was summer when my musical tastes started edging outward. I scrounged the floor mats of my brand new car (a used 1979 Mazda RX-7 already littered with trash) in order to find $4 to see a new band called The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

There was summer when my tastes mellowed. all I wanted to listen to was folk music. And yes, that was the summer I also discovered Birkenstocks (with wool socks). Stop laughing.

Since becoming a parent, my exploration of music has taken a backseat.

So here’s your task…

Comment (in one of the two available methods) by telling me about your favorite summer music. Either a memory or the song du jour. I will pick one randomly to get a little something from iTunes to commemorate your summer.

Comments or e-mails are due by the end of the day Sept. 10.