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Watching it wind down

I know it sounds cliche, but wow this summer has flown by.

Labor Day is next weekend? I am truly not sure how this happened.

Summer isn’t “really” over, of course. It's officially still a few weeks until the start of fall. We have plenty of farmer’s markets left to relish -- really the produce is just starting to get really good this time of year. And I suppose that the temperature could jump up again.

Tonight, my son cried for a little while before bedtime. He wanted to run through the sprinkler before bedtime. He doesn’t want it to get cold. And he wants it to be summer forever.

I did my best to talk with him about all the great things that happened this summer (our vacation to Alaska to see Daddy’s side of the family, his birthday, the Prout pool visits, and the sprinkler running) and to highlight the things we have to look forward to this fall and winter (Halloween, a trip to Colorado for Thanksgiving, Christmas and a ski trip).

Still, he mourned the passing of summer.

What about you and your kids? Do you mourn the passing of summer or are you eager -- like me -- for cooler weather with turtlenecks and fall holidays?