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The art of telling a joke

My son has gotten to the age where he has started making attempts at humor.

Since he was a baby, he has strived to make people laugh. To this point, this has been achieved by smiling or doing something silly.

However, I get the feeling he has just realized that you can make people laugh by saying funny things. We are trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to put the kibosh on the toilet humor. Yes, I know... when I was a kid I used to think such material made for funny jokes, too. Who didn't? But isn't that a sign that they may be old enough to tell an actual joke that is funny?

I asked myself what the most basic jokes were. The completely kid friendly ones...

I finally resorted to Googling "kid friendly jokes".

I started working with him on "knock knock" jokes the other day. Again... somewhat unsuccessfully.

AB gave me a hard time with comments such as, "Are you sure YOU should be the one teaching him jokes?"

OK, point taken. I am THE world's worst joke teller. To the point that when I start a joke, AB says, "Stop, take a minute and tell the joke in your head and make sure you know the whole thing before continuing."

And I am a touch embarrassed by how few jokes I have since told my husband once he discovered my inability to remember the punch line. (Though I am usually pretty sure it will come to me as I tell the joke out loud.)

"Daddy, say knock knock," my son said the other day.

"Knock knock," AB dutifully replied.

"Who's there?" my son replied then realizing this wasn't going the right way so he switched gears. "OK, I will say knock knock."

"Who's there?" my husband replies.

"No I didn't say knock knock yet, you have to wait," my son insisted.


"Knock knock," he exclaims!

"Who's there?" AB asks.

"Boo who, why are you crying?" as my son strings the rest of the joke together.

"Boo who, why are you crying who?" my husband asks.

My son looked at me for help.

I might be the second-worst joke teller.

(AB reminds me this isn't saying much when the only person I beat is a 4-year-old.)