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Thoughts on age 4

We are few weeks into age 4.

So far, there appears to be whining, a good bit of multiple-personality disorder, more whining, a new vocabulary consisting of phrases like "I don't wanna, so I am not gonna", as well as more whining topped off with a very small helping of sweet, helpful, nice child syndrome. (There is something very convincing in my son's voice when he tells me I am beautiful -- just call me a big pile of mush).

Age 3 appeared to be full of limits pushing and emotional outbursts. Four is a whole different ball of wax so far. And once again, I am amazed how things switch with the speed of a light switch, yet I can’t get him to move faster than molasses in the morning.

A friend of ours at dinner the other night said it wasn't just the whining, but the "pre-emptive whining" that was driving him insane. Defined as something that didn't really need to be whined about (at least at that point) but somehow immediately defaulted to whining "just in case."

I asked my son the other night if he knew what whining was? He looked at me blankly and didn't respond. I emulated his recent whining about whatever to make a point.

His response was to laugh at me.

I hadn't thought about that tactic yet...