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In the genes?

My nearly 17-month old thinks she should live outside.

The first thing she says to me nearly every morning is "soutside" (outside).

She comes by her love of the outdoors honestly. My son reminds me nearly daily that we haven't camped this summer (for me, a week at a remote cabin in Alaska is about as much camping as I need... that is until we buy ourselves a travel trailer and can camp in style).

In our family, no evening is complete without a walk or at least a good play in the backyard. Our backyard is full of outside toys and our garage full of camping gear, sporting equipment, a child carrier backpack that has seen better days, a jogging stroller (that I will be the first to admit hasn't seen much actual jogging) gardening tools and a couple of outdoor kid sized pools (that I really need to sort through and decide which have holes once and for all). Lately, it seems as though we are always outside and the recent mild summer weather has made it extra appealing this year.

"Outside" is one of my daughter's first words that she has mastered on her own. We have pushed the other popular words in her vocab on her... mama, dada, book, cat, moon, etc.

Outside is a special place for her. She is fussier than my son ever was (I can see her daycare teachers nodding their heads at this statement), but we discovered even at a very young age that a change in scenery, particularly walking outside with her, was often just exactly what she needed.

Her daycare teachers told me the other day that she sees the "older" kids outside and immediately requests to go "soutside," too.

Putting everything together I am quite sure that "soutside" is in my daughter's genes -- something my husband agrees with me on.

I reminded him the other day what the only other word she says with as much gusto is....