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When to have the first sleepover?

Friends approached us this weekend about planning for a sleepover for our son at their house.

I felt an extreme mix of feelings about this...

First off, panic. My son hasn't had many drop-off playdates to this point, so the thought of him staying at someone else's house (who we really do adore and trust) for the night?

Followed by glee. You mean we would only have one child to put to bed? We could have a party!

I am trying to remember when I first started having sleepovers and it is evading me. However, I do remember my birthday party in first grade where my parents invited all the girls in my class over for a slumber party.

I remember a few phonecalls and a couple of the girls vanishing into their parent's cars late that night. There were a few wet spots the following morning.

I also remember that my poor sister never got to have a slumber party with every little girl in her class like I did — despite asking many, many times.

Second children always get the shaft. (See as a first born, I am coming around in admitting this.)

I voiced concern that it may not go well for the couple and that we may very well have to pick Little AB up.

AB quickly jumped in, saying, "But we will never know unless we try!"

(He was much more on the "glee" side ablove.)

I admit it. I didn't answer. I am still mulling.

What has been your experience with sleepovers? When is old enough?