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What was your favorite part of the Allied Arts Show?

One of my favorite local activities every year is the Allied Arts Show, Art in the Park at Howard Amon Park.

The first year we went (four years ago), I was so very pregnant and it was so very hot. My mom was visiting and was bound and determined to get that baby moving before she had to head home — and I think our trip to the park was an excuse for yet another walk.

Many vendors made conversation by asking me when I was due and then seemed a touch worried when I replied that I was due three days ago.

This year, as I walked around with my now 4-year-old, I saw a number of women who looked like they were exactly where I was at that point four years ago. I wanted to congratulate them, reassure them they wouldn’t be pregnant forever, tell them to relish the time as it flies by, how my little Leo is one of the best things that ever happened to me and then tell them how lucky they had it in the 93F heat. It was at least 115F on the day I walked around overdue.

I kept my mouth shut, of course, out of fear of that I might come off as something akin to the whole "I walked three miles in knee deep snow to school" old-timer.

My nearly 4-year-old wasn’t so interested in the art show and asked many times when we could go to the slides. He was waylayed only a little by the bean bag animals (he picked a lizard) and the clay-fired whistles (a whale on a yellow ribbon for him). Finally, he was released to ride the zipline and climb wildly like the monkey he is.

My husband followed him closely on his heels, while I took our daughter and disappeared through the last third of the show.

My big indulgence was a few hats for my daughter from Me and Mom’s Hats. I nearly had to drag my daughter away from that stand.

When I did, I think we only made one trip back — to return a hat that I hadn’t realized was in her hands when I dragged her off the first time.

What was your favorite part of the Allied Arts Show?