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Woof, woof!

My son was excited to sing me a new song he learned on the way home from preschool the other night.

I wasn’t exactly expecting Who Let The Dogs Out? by the Baha Men.

Some part of me wasn't overly thrilled. If only because it means he is to that age where whatever I say goes in one ear and out the other. But what the kids on the playground say are put straight into his memory because surely those things warrant repeating.

I vaguely remember this age. Like the one time I told my dad at dinner that my friend Cari from church said that potato skins tasted good, and I was surprised to find out that they actually did! My dad threatened to enlist Cari in convincing me that more foods were good. I did however; eat my potato skins from then on.

So though I wasn't thrilled that my son's favorite saying is now Who let the dogs out, I do have to admit how cute it was when I walked out of the bedroom this morning seeing my son singing this song and my 16- month-old dancing to his song.