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On a more serious note

This past week, my son was hospitalized overnight for an asthma attack.

He is fine now and we are figuring out how to manage asthma in a very active nearly four year old.

It wasn’t a big deal.

I don’t mean to minimize asthma. As someone who has asthma, I know very well that it is to be taken very seriously.

However, I realize what a minor deal it was as we walked the halls of Kadlec. OK, we didn’t walk the halls, we chased my son up and down the halls and did our best to remember at what point we needed to full-on tackle him so he didn’t set off his ankle bracelet.

My son was the only child running up and down the halls.

He was by far and away the healthiest child in the pediatric ward, thankfully.

The experience made both my husband and I pause and be thankful for our children’s health.

To those people out there who struggle daily with sick children, my heart goes out to you.