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A revelation about Disney movies

My son had a revelation the other day while watching Disney’s Ratatouille. He loves the movie and the soup scene has served as inspiration for his soup creations.

The shotgun part didn’t bother him, though I cringe every.single.time it plays.

Hello… rated G? Kids’ movie and all?

But Ratatouille, like many other Disney movies has the lead character, a rat named Remy, separated from his family in the first 20 minutes of the movie. At least in Ratatouille the parent is not killed like in those countless other Disney flicks. (Though I do take issue with Remy’s mother being mysteriously absent the entire movie… I could surmise…)

The scene comes where Remy’s raft floats down one tunnel and his father’s down another tunnel. Remy stands on his raft, looking distraught calling, “Dad?”

My son looks up and says, “Did he just lose his daddy?”

Thankfully, I had seen it countless times before and could say, “They just got separated. Remember, they meet up again!”

“But he was separated from his daddy,” he said.

“Yes, but it’s not real,” I said, trying another tactic.

“That’s not very nice of them to do,” he said.

Nope, I agree. Not very nice.

Can’t just once we have a Disney flick for kids where the young achieve their dreams with the support of their parents?

And Nemo is going on the backburner for quite awhile. Double whammy with that one.