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The next Tiger?

I think every parent at some point sees their child do something “extraordinary” and wonder if they have a prodigy on their hands.

Do they have another Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky or even Mozart.

My son saw his friend's mom play her violin in their daycare class a year or so ago and has been enamored with violins since, gften ogling guitars and saying "I want a violin!"

We joke that our failure to immediately buy him a violin and register him for music lessons means we may very well have missed his prodigal window. On the other hand, maybe I should put him on skis and test his ski jump abilities since his version of the ski jump (off our backyard slide) has nearly picture perfect landings. (Finding wood to knock on IMMEDIATELY.)

Our friend's daughter amazes us with her ball skills. She is destined to be a great all-around athlete given her amazing abilities with soccer balls, as well as hitting a ball being pitched to her at four years old. (My son still thinks bats are for hitting his sister on the head with and his hasn't seen the light of day in months.)

Then, there is the little boy in my daughter's daycare class who from the time he could walk handled a ball better than my son nearly 3 years his senior. I fully expect to see his name on the NFL roster in 20-some years.

My son, clearly from my descriptions above, is not gifted athletically. AB and I both enjoy participating in sports, and expect he will as well, but gifted? Umm no.

However, I just may have pinpointed his niche. He appears to be skilled in the culinary world. Move over Tyler Florence and Bobby Flay, here comes Little AB. He may not like to eat most of the foods we put in front of him, but he is very interested food preparation.

His specialty is "soup." One day, it will be a "three carrot soup." Other days, it has been "one slice of onion, one piece of broccoli and two carrot soup." Yes, he has discovered the wonder that is Top Ramen. A pot with a little water, stove on (only Mom and Dad do this), toss in a few veggies, wait for the bubbles, put in the noodles (love that they cook in 2-3 minutes), stir and you have soup.

He gets quite excited to make soup. I have quit pondering in the car on the way home, "Hmm, what should we make for dinner?" Because inevitably the voice from the back seat will say, "I know, I will make us soup!" And well... my days of eating Top Ramen for dinner have long since past.

Little AB has a couple cookbooks, and he will routinely ask us to read the cookbook for his bedtime story. I giggle hearing AB over the monitor, "add 2 cups of flour."

Last week, I got cookbook duty for the bedtime story and he changed it up on me. "Let me guess what they are making" was the game. He didn't do half-bad. He did decide, however, that we needed to make meringues for Father's Day and at every inconvenient time for the next two days he requested my help to make meringues. We did finally find an appropriate time, and his meringues turned out quite nice, once he fine-honed his egg-separation technique.

Maybe... just maybe I have the next Thomas Keller on my hands!

(I can dream, can't I?)

My daughter?

So far, she is excelling in either management or royalty in training. Everyone in our house, including the cat, tend to bend to her whims. She has trained the dog to sit quietly at her feet below the high chair, her dad serves to fetch whatever she might think she needs, and my arms are her throne.

She is destined to reign over a large company or country.