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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and grandpas out there! Enjoy your day!

So the other day I was rambling about what I bought my husband for his Father's Day this year. He "never" reads my blog... so he says. Still, I didn't want to chance divulging my most wonderful present ever to him. I decided to leave that to Little AB instead.

We went this past week to pick up the gift certificate at the Richland airport. There, before my son's eyes, was a helicopter, as well as about eight small planes. The helicopter even took off while we were waiting. This is the main reason I thought for sure our present was going to be divulged as my son was incredibly amazed to see a helicopter fly so close.

I thought and thought about how to pawn this off as "not sure what he is talking about" when he for certain would exclaim to daddy about seeing lots of planes and even a helicopter take off.

He did start down that road and I stated that it must have been a busy day at the airport when we drove by.

AB bought it.

The day after we went to the airport, I picked Little AB up at preschool and his first question was, “Do we get to go to the airport to get Daddy a Father’s Day present again?”

So what exactly was I doing at the airport?

A gift certificate for an introductory flight lesson from Sundance Aviation in Richland.

My husband has been talking about learning to fly for years now. The talk becomes more frequent when we make the five-hour trek by car to the coast like we did over Memorial Day.

I will admit I am not thrilled about the idea and have told him that if he learns to fly, then I have to as well. Because I cannot sit in a plane with him flying and not know what is going on. (It isn’t that apparent that I have control issues, is it?)

I fear that simply what I have done with this Intro Flight Lesson is to whet his appetite to "really" learn to fly.

(Oh, and he did get a few BBQ implements, as well.)