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Don’t forget your dads!

Father's Day is coming up and for the first time about ever, I am thrilled with the purchases I made.

Normally by this time of year I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to things that might be good gifts. Come about late September, when I start thinking about Christmas again, I get back into the groove. Until then, I am usually scrambling. And usually end up with some type of BBQ equipment.

Which really, in our house, BBQ equipment gets a lot of use. My husband barbecues year-round and really enjoys refining his techniques. I enjoy reaping the benefits as well. But a BBQ gift has become a little on the predictable side.

One year, I bought him sailing lessons through the City of Pasco. That was a huge hit, and he keeps stating his desire to do this again. Although twice-weekly evening lessons for a few hours at each lesson really cuts into family time for us. Someday, he will do it again. (Here's a story about iton the Herald's website.

I sent my dad a bottle of Bookwalter with the United Wine Drinkers T-shirt. "United Wine Drinkers of America, Local 509. Join the union that never strikes." Most people outside our area code will miss the 509 reference, but I like it.

My step-dad, at my son's insistence, got a pair of Croc flip flops. He wanted to buy ones that were "just like" his own black-and-green ones. Unfortunately, we discovered that the adult sizes don't come in that color apparently. Then, the biggest decision of the entire week came on -- what color of Crocs to get "Bompa." Finally, we had a decision, and I was able to order. (With a slight modification to the selected color as my step-dad isn't much of a "baby blue" type of guy... the company *might* have messed up and shipped "navy blue" instead.)

This year, I did something completely new and unexpected for my husband.

AB had initially asked for a salmon shark fishing charter in Alaska -- where we will be headed to in just a few weeks. I know, you might be thinking me lucky to get to go to Alaska. But when you have in-laws there, the trip becomes a little less about seeing Alaska (since we have gone at least every other year for the last 10 or so years) and more about hanging out with family. And, unfortunately for my husband, his fishing charter was expensive, had a long wait list and then finally was pre-empted by other family activities.

I felt bad about this given it is something on his "life list." But I have assured him I will make every effort to help make this a reality sometime in the near future.

So I really, really had to make up for this. I had to get Father's Day right this year...

The other night after work the kids and I stopped off and picked up the gift.

Little AB was overjoyed. The entire drive home we talked about what "having a secret" means.

At one point, he started rambling and I could see the slippery slope we were headed down should AB decide to chat about the (at first glance) randomness flowing out of our son’s mouth. I knew better. A quick conversation redirection, and it hasn't been mentioned again.

But there are still two full days left.