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How hard should this really be?

Maybe I am just too picky, too cheap or too easily annoyed.

Or some combination of all three.

My daughter's first dolls were a Holly Hobbie and a Raggedy Ann doll. Both were Christmas presents, one from me, one from grandma.

While my daughter loves these dolls, she has discovered that neither doll's mouths opens for a pacifier or bottle.

I decided she needed a baby doll and went on a mission. The baby doll must have a bottle or a pacifier. Or both

This doesn't seem so hard right? I must have had 14 of them as a kid.

Why can I not find one?

I am envisioning a doll similar to the many that I had as a little girl. Plastic with a mouth open for a bottle to easily be inserted. And it must be somewhat cute.

Every single baby doll I have found so far has either been far too complicated for her (ones that speak, use a potty or do any variety of things), too expensive for me (seriously now, $43 for a cute plastic baby and a bottle?), or are just plain ugly (whoever decided that Messy Face Cabbage Patch Kids were cute was on something... ugly).

When did kid's toys become so complicated?

(Don't answer that... yes, I know the truth is that it happened sometime in the 30 years since I was a kid.)