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Embarrassing moments, Part I

We all have embarrassing stories, right?

(You better be nodding your head. I can't be the only one out there who has a case of foot in mouth syndrome.)

Somehow, these embarrassing stories only seem to become more frequent when children come into your life. At least when another parent is involved they can smile knowingly while you flush and sputter out apologies.

We have had the little moments — like the time at the health club when my son walked by a man stretching in the hallway and asked Daddy (thankfully, it wasn't me) if that man had a baby in his tummy.

Upon talking with friends, I am somewhat relieved to hear this one is just a rite of passage. Every child does this, right? (Again everyone should be nodding their heads.)

Then, there are the bigger ones.

I had one of those last year and every time we go to the coast to the family cabin (like last weekend) it creeps back into my mind and my face spontaneously turns five shades of red.

We had borrowed our friends' Pack and Play. I was curious how it compared to my Arms Reach Co-Sleeper as far as portability and ease in setting up for travel. (For the record, it is about the same.) The easy thing would have been to stand in my friends' garage and set it up and take it down and put it back to compare.

Oh no. We decided to borrow it for a long weekend getaway to the cabin instead.

For those of you unfamiliar with a Pack and Play, think rectangular playpen with a sleeping platform for infants.

One of our favorite activities at the cabin is beach-combing. Given that I grew up in Colorado, the coast is always an amazing treasure trove to me. I love walking the beach at low tide and watching the crabs, looking at the starfish and picking up shells.

My son does too, and it is a special time for the two of us together.

On this particular trip, we hadn't had very low tides. The kids were asleep during the lowest tide, and so my husband picked up this huge starfish and brought it up to the cabin for our son to examine. The plan was to haul it back to the beach and throw it back in once he had a good look at it.

We took pictures as he marveled at the creature and then we finished packing up the car to head home.

Once in the car and on the road AB asked me if I hauled the starfish back down to the beach. I said I didn't. He looked at me and said he didn't either. We asked Little AB what he did with the starfish.

"I put it in the bag," our nearly 3-year-old told us.

The bag... the bag... we looked at each other both knowing the question was “what bag?”

To be continued…