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Language Police

Since my son started speaking, we have taken a hard line with things he says.

Nothing drives me more insane than little kids with potty mouths.

Maybe we take it overboard.

Maybe saying “dang it” shouldn’t be considered a bad word.

Maybe “stupid” isn’t that bad.

I do draw the line at “hate” because that takes me back to my childhood and not being allowed to say I hated something. I can still hear my mom’s voice telling me I was allowed not to like it, but hate was too strong of word to be thrown around.

My son has taken these things to heart.

I seem to be getting busted nearly daily for these infractions when I don’t think he is listening.

“AHHH,” he screamed tonight! “Mommy said 'Stupid!' ”

Apparently, I also say “dang it” quite often.

I suppose though, that I would rather be busted on a routine basis and to have the movies we put on be critiqued by my pint sized Ebert — have you ever noticed how many rated G Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movies include characters which call each other 'Stupid'?