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Taking gratitude to the extreme

I have to thank my preschool/daycare for instilling graciousness in my son.

We work to get him to always say “please” and “thank you” as well, but they have really driven it home.

I have heard from other parents that this isn't uncommon and that our little two legged sponges typically pick this concept up easily.

However, they have warned me that something happens to their little brains at about age 5 or 6 which causes them to lose all manners -- no matter how hard you try. I fear this stage.

While I enjoy and beam with pride when my son says "Thank you" unprovoked, I have started to wonder if he is on "thank you" overload?

Last night, when he got out of the bath I wrapped him in the towel.

"Thank you for getting me a towel mommy," he said.

Polite, yes. But not getting him a towel wasn't an option.

This morning after getting into the car, “Thank you Mommy for buckling me into my seat.”

Once again, something that isn’t really an option.

Sure, I like getting the thank you’s, but there is some part of me that thinks about what an awful parent I would be if I didn’t do these things.

I guess I will just say “Of course, you’re welcome” and hope that no one around heard him and assumed that my doing these things isn’t an unusual occurrence.