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The Plague

I pride myself on the fact that my family, for the most part, is usually very healthy.

We get the usual colds and random 24-hour GI crud that goes around. But we kick it quickly and get back to normal.

I know we aren’t the only ones afflicted with the plague that has been going around. Nearly everyone I try whining to about this three- to four-week cold/flu stuff just nods their head telling me they have been there, too. So I quit whining and accept the commiserating instead.

We still are digging out of the plague (My house is a disaster area. My garden isn’t even in yet, and my blog has gone sorely neglected), but we are somewhat hopeful that we might have a weekend where someone isn’t sick. That the end of the “pink stuff” we shove down the kids’ throats for ear infections might be around the corner.