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The first real word

My daughter started the baby talk thing a few months ago.

Mama. Dada. Ki-ca, (kitty cat - though we all know that Ki-ca came before Dada, but we kind of ignore that in this house).

The other day, her first real intelligible word came out. She sat at the base of my photo wall, pointed up and said, "Daddy."

And she was right, there was Daddy. When we responded positively, it wasn’t surprising that she went along and pointed to all the pictures with Daddy in them exclaiming “Daddy!”

I was only a little perturbed that it wasn’t "Mommy." I was, after all, the one who birthed her – she could show a little gratitude. (Yes, yes. She did say “Mama” first. Fine. I will let my husband have this one.)

I got mine, though, this morning when we were sitting at the table eating breakfast. She looked at the box of cereal in front of my son, smiled, pointed at the cereal box front and exclaimed, “Daddy!”

My son and I both erupted in giggles that nearly landed us in a heap on the floor. Of course, that prompted more declarations of “Daddy!” while pointing at that same picture.

A gorilla.