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The case of the missing spouse

For some, it happens in the fall. In my house, it hits about the middle to the end of April.

Whenever it happens, it can toss a house into turmoil, wreck havoc with schedules, and turn otherwise good spouses into zombies.

It is NBA playoffs time.

Unlike with football in our house, there seems to always be an important game to be watched. During football season, my husband hits the game played by his favorite team (the Seahawks) each week and then, maybe, occasionally, another monumental game. But only maybe.

Basketball is different.

For those of you who don’t know, the playoffs are best-of-7 seven series in each round for each team.

And there are three rounds to get to the finals.

That is A LOT of games.

I actually do like basketball and, like my husband, my favorite teams change every year to a couple years.

I was always a Nuggets girl until they were struck by the plague in the late 90’s after such promise the years prior. And this year, I was hopeful they would regain their position, but alas disappointed.

Basketball is even the reason I watched a season of Dancing with the Stars. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler. (Also that season I became keenly aware of the sport of speed skating thanks to Apollo Ohno, who is from Seattle, if you were like me and didn’t know this.) They almost hooked me. Almost.

OK, so truth be told I may catch a “little” of the games that are on, too. And I as well stare in amazement at how long 2.4 seconds really can be.

So while I may complain about NBA playoffs stealing my husband, no spring is really complete without sweaty tall guys running up and down a court.