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My cat had a playdate

Awhile back my step-dad asked what a "playdate" was.

A preschooler date, a toddler date, to get together and play. As a mom, it seemed plainly simple to me, but for someone without children, it is probably less obvious.

This past weekend though, we had a new type of "playdate" ... one for our cat.

I have to admit that it was, for me, out of sheer curiosity as we have a cat and a dog. They play, but it is different. I wondered how my cat would play with another cat.

Specifically, his brother.

The kitty's mommy and I obtained our kittens through a colleague at work and have compared growth and attitude notes as well as funny cat stories for the past four or so months.

It's something freakishly similar to the stories I share with moms of babies and preschoolers my kids' ages.

We finally gave into curiosity and got kids and cats together this past weekend.

How should I reprimand my cat for not being a good host? My son gets a time out and a threat to not have anyone over ever again.

I have to admit, I expected more out of my cat. I expected him to play nicely and roll around on the floor with his brother like we saw them do before we adopted him.

My husband laughed at me after our house returned to some level of calm with no hissing kitties.

"They are still animals," he told me. "They don't know their siblings from the cat down the street trying to invade their home turf. Survival of the fittest and all. You know in the wild, a few siblings would have even d-"

I hushed him. Little ears were around.

Not to mention that I wish to remain in the happy place where all animals are wanted, have happy homes and remember where they came from with fondness.