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Restraint or laziness – I am not telling

One important thing to find out when you move somewhere new is when the spring planting day arrives.

I spent my early childhood in Wyoming, where no one in their right mind planted anything before Memorial Day.

When we moved south a few hours to Colorado, the planting day move up, it was Mother's Day.

In Reno, it was when the snow melted off of Slide Mountain (don’t ask me how long it took me to figure out which one was Slide Mountain) which was usually around the end of April.

Here, I was told it was Tax Day.

Being raised in the Rocky Mountain states, a self-proclaimed Colorado girl, I understand the importance of these dates and have experienced many late-spring freak snow storms. Though I have to admit that living in the banana belt of Eastern Washington I have often been tempted to push the Tax Day suggestion. In fact, in recent years I have had to restrain myself when I see the flowers arriving at the garden centers.

Yes, I know it is 75 Fahrenheit, but it might freeze, you just never know.

My restraint, yeah, that's what we will call it, “restraint,” this year paid off.

(Restraint, laziness... six of one, half dozen of the other.)

My annuals and veggies -- providing we see some heat here soon, will go in the first weekend in May.

Until then, I guess the silver lining is that those clothes I bought for my kids post recent growth spurts might be worn for a few more weeks.