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The first movie

One of the neat things about having kids is getting to experience everything for the "first" time again.

The first movie theater experience happened this weekend.

We headed to the theater to see Horton Hears a Who with two other families and their preschoolers. First movies all around.

We had talked about doing this since Horton hit the theaters, but being that we are smart parents, we decided to wait until the crowds died down. Still we neurosed a little the week before about which child was going to annoy the patrons in front of us by kicking the seats first and should we plan out our seating configuration ahead of time to minimize impact of the other movie goers. The Sunday matinee surprised us with a nearly empty theater. We could take up the entire row, and we had rows upon rows of empty seats ahead of us, so no chance of chair-kicking ruining anyone’s movie.

Each child reacted differently.

There was the catatonic one, whose parents had the luxury of a quiet movie experience. The other two while very interested in the movie, had a more difficult time sitting still and focusing.

Then, there was the inevitable boy/girl comparison. We certainly didn’t raise him to act out the scenes physically or make noises to accompany the trailers. But while the girls were quiet, Little AB was quite vocal. There were many exclamations of "Whoa!" or "Did you see that!" or "That's HORTON!"

We left as a group feeling pretty good about the first movie experience. (Of course, we would have felt better about it had the rated G movie not been preceded by two totally inappropriate trailers featuring guns, fire and violence.) We were all happy we waited a few weeks, but it was far from the “worst case scenario.”

We arrived home and our babysitter asking Little AB how the movie was?

His response?

"There was a robot and a space ship and they blasted off into space!"

Actually, that was just a trailer, no mention of Horton or a Who.

Guessing Wall-E will be on our radar this summer.