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“They” say…

They (whoever "they" are) say that second kids walk and talk later than their siblings.

That is because the older siblings do everything for the younger child and so the necessity for them to fend for themselves isn't there.

Apparently my daughter rules the castle, and we are just her slaves. She is almost 13 months and is just now letting us in on her secret...

She can walk.

Daycare told me that she was walking there weeks ago. She would take 4-5 steps across the floor before plopping herself down and resorting to crawling. I felt a little slighted and wondered if they weren't just telling me this, maybe mistaking her for another child?

Then, I witnessed it.

My jaw dropped open as I saw her walk five steps across the daycare floor a few weeks ago. Then, she looked at me, realized I was still there, dropped to the ground and vowed never again to walk.

Her secret was out. I KNEW she could walk, I had seen it.

But she has resolve!

A few weeks passed, and I became concerned that there was some weird force field in our house that renders her legs spaghetti-ish

Spaghetti legs gave way this past weekend to her desire to keep up with her brother.

Walking has started.

Running shall follow shortly.