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Diaper Bag runner-up

Joy from Pasco was my selection for the runner-up position in the Diaper Bag contest.

I love Joy's story. It is one of those instances when you realize just exactly how much your kids are really put together.

"I am pregnant with my second child. I have a daughter who is 3. One morning, when I was getting dressed, I decided to wear my shirt that says "My kid is a genius."

Naturally, my daughter says, 'Mommy, what do those words say?' (Despite the fact she has asked me that before, and I have told her).

So I told her, yet another time. I asked her, 'Do you remember what 'genius' means?'

She replied, 'It means smart.' In the next breath, she added, 'I'm smart... so that means I'm a genius!' "