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Mirror Family

We were sitting at Wheat Montana Farms on Saturday having breakfast when in walked our mirror family.

They walked by us without saying a word. The approximately 3- to 4-year-old little boy stood deciding which cinnamon roll to order at the counter. (My son *always* picks a caramel roll ... just like me.)

Their daughter toddled around in her cute little shoes - a pair of the same Robeez we also own.

Mom had the same shoes on that I did (though hers were the pretty maroon ones, while mine are blue), and I coveted her breezy, stylish Capri pants.

Dad bore an uncanny resemblance to my husband and sported a flannel shirt as a jacket. My husband's staple.

They were smarter though.

They got their pastries and left, while we opted to wrestle two kids in the restaurant.

"That was a little weird," AB told me as soon as they walked out.

I knew exactly what he was talking about.