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April's not fooling! Win a diaper bag

A contest!

So are you in need of a diaper bag? (Maybe a nice brand new, pink Lands' End bag?) Or maybe you know someone who could use a diaper bag and you just want to see if you can win it for them? It would make a great gift.

Well, I have one to give away!

If you have read this blog up to this point, you know that I love funny kid stories. And there are a lot of kids out there, and every single one of them has done funny things.

Write to me and tell me a true story. The story can be about your child, something you did as a child, or something you saw another child do.

So write it up. The winning entry will be published here, and you will have won yourself a brand new diaper bag.

Make sure you provide some means for me to contact you. I will accept entries until midnight April 10. You may enter up to five times.