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Nuclear in the true sense of the word

I was reading a parenting magazine this afternoon.

One section that I always look forward to is the party ideas page. I love planning my kids’ birthday parties and am always looking for creative ideas. (Got any for a 4-year-old party in 4 months?)

The idea this month was a party centered around science, mostly chemistry. I honed in immediately. I showed my husband the article, and his response was, “No, our friends would REALLY think we were geeks if we did this.”

Still, I read on intrigued. They offered up the recipe to make slime -- always a favorite, fun undergraduate chemistry lab. A few other ideas were thrown in there, too, all worthy science fun for the younger set.

I admired the brain cake (pondering cupcakes decorated as little brains – since I am a cupcake person) and then paused at the instructions on how to download radioactive symbols and print them on your own stickers to decorate treat bags.

Anyone else think this sounds like a really bad idea?

Remember the whole red garbage bag fiasco a decade or more ago when novelty decorated garbage bags came out? And a bunch of people who bought red were surprised to find out that the garbage men wouldn’t pick them up because red garbage bags have a whole different meaning in the waste disposal industry -- biohazard.

I have only written to a magazine once before, Bon Appetit, to request a recipe for Hot and Sour Soup from a particular restaurant that refused my request in person. (I never got my recipe.) But I will be putting words to paper on this one. I think in our area people are fairly tolerant and understand radioactivity a whole lot more than the average town out there.

But all I can think of (aside from the whole waste disposal side on how to really freak out your garbage man) is a treat container “decorated” with these stickers being left on a park bench.