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Happy Easter Birthday

I have always kind of felt bad for those kids who shared their birthdays with holidays.

Mine is two weeks after Christmas. Growing up, I found that to be abuse enough.

Now, the exception to this is for those who share birthdays with holidays such as the Fourth of July. This would be my sister. Not only does she have her birthday off every year, but it is also a day that everyone kicks back and relaxes and looks for a party.

There was no feeling sorry for my sister's misfortune at being born on the Fourth of July. She reveled in it. As a kid, she was convinced that all the fireworks were for her, and I remember more than once her throwing back at me, "Oh yeah, well everyone doesn't celebrate your birthday like they do mine."

Of course, I knew better, but being the older sibling I also knew I wasn't supposed to say, "Umm, no they don't."

My daughter's first birthday fell on Easter this year. I was a little bummed by this and hoped it wouldn't be a frequent occurrence. This is the nice thing about Easter never being on the same day from one year to the next.

Then, I did a little research and found that it shouldn't happen again until 2160. Easter seemed early this year because it was, and it hasn't been this early in 90 some years. This has to do with when the first full moon falls after the spring equinox -- and this year, the equinox was mid-week, the full moon one of the following next nights before Sunday which voila... then becomes Easter. So the chance of having to move out of the spotlight again at some point won't happen in her lifetime.

Once I saw on the calendar that Easter was on March 23, and then triple-checked various references to make sure this wasn't an error, I went to planning her first birthday party. It was made convenient by the fact that my mother-in-law was visiting the weekend before Easter. I quickly pegged that weekend and did my best to get invitations sent out.

I had planned my son's first birthday party months beforehand and held the invitations until the proper date arrived that said "the other parents won't think you completely nuts for sending out invitations now."

With my daughter, I was just scrambling to get out some form of invitation.

Yes, the life of the second child.

I did, however, find time on Easter to bake her an angel food cake. Angel food cake on birthdays is a tradition in my family thanks to my grandmother.

But after church, lunch with friends, talking on the phone with many, many family members, dinner and bath time and getting the kids to bed, I walked into the kitchen to start cleaning up. There was her angel food cake sitting on the counter.


I felt like a failure of a mom. My daughter didn't even get cake on her first birthday. And now I understand even better why those kids who share their birthdays with major holidays don't like it.

(The cake did not go untouched the following night, however.)