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Other uses for newspaper

Let's strike a deal: I'll share these alternative uses for a newspaper if you promise to read it. The list comes from ReadersDigest.com.

When storing sweaters and blankets, wrap them in a few sheets of newspaper (tape the corners) and it will keep moths, dust and dirt away. Use it to deodorize luggage and containers by stuffing them with crumpled newspaper and sealing closed for four days.

You can dry wet shoes by placing them on their sides, stuffing them with balled-up newspaper and allowing it to absorb the moisture.

Newspaper also makes a great makeshift ironing board in the event that you are traveling and your hotel doesn't provide one. Insert a short stack of newspapers in a pillow case, place on a countertop and press away.

Other common uses include cleaning windows; encasing glassware when moving; removing oven residue; and lining your trash compactor.