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6 pointers for a winning Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and eHow.com has some game-time tips to help you score a touchdown with your guests.

Set up for Kickoff

1. Be sure to have plenty of seating. Arrange sofas, chairs and ottomans so that no one's view is obscured from the TV. Bean bags and floor pillows can create extra seating so all guests are comfortable.

2. Don't forget about your guests who aren't football fanatics. Set up an extra room with a TV, movies and board games for those who won't be glued to the big game.

Keep up the energy

3. Throw a potluck party and have guests bring their favorite party foods. Make sure guests bring a variety of courses, including snacks, main dishes and desserts. With the food taken care of, you will have time to sit and watch the game.

4. Buy plenty of refreshments and keep all of your guests in mind. Keep a cooler close by so you don't have to run to the fridge when it's third and inches. Don't forget to restock the cooler at halftime.

Above all, have fun!

5. Have everyone write down who they think will win and what the final score will be before the game starts. Award a silly prize, such as a foam football or fan paraphernalia, to the person who is closest.

6. Invest in a few foam "bad-call bricks" to throw at the TV so your guests can express their feelings about the refs without doing damage to your house.