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WSU extension Q&A: May 15, 2010

Q. I would like to try planting some beans this year. Are pole beans or bush beans the most efficient use of garden space?

A. Bush beans can be planted closer to one another than pole beans and will produce more beans at one time than a similar planting of pole beans. Pole beans tend to be more indeterminate, meaning they will produce beans for a longer period of time providing a more continuous supply of beans. Also, if you have a limited garden space, pole beans may provide too much shade for adjacent plants

Q. My son is in the swine project in his 4-H club, but he wants to do some activities that the club doesn't offer. How can he add more projects?

A. If you are willing to take on the role of activity leader for those projects your son wants to do, then you can add the projects and teach them yourself. If you don't have the knowledge, then you can contact the WSU - Franklin County Extension Office at 509-545-3511 and ask for other clubs that offer the activities that your son is interested in. Your son can be in more than one 4-H club at a time. For instance, swine with one club and robotics & engineering with another club.

Q. The leaves on my peach tree are curled and smell very bad. Do you know what is causing this?

A. It could be peach leaf curl which is a fungal disease that is best controlled in the winter. For now, let the tree grow, but during the dormant season apply copper or lime sulfur to the tree.

Q. How do you blanch vegetables?

A. Use a wire blanching basket and covered saucepan or fit a wire basket into a large kettle with a fitted lid. Use one gallon of water per pound of prepared vegetables. Put vegetables in blanching basket and lower it into vigorously boiling water. Place lid on blancher and start counting the blanching time as soon as the vegetable is put into the water. The water should return to boiling quickly, or you are using too many vegetables for the amount of water. Keep heat high for total blanching time.

Questions should be called in to the WSU Extension offices in Kennewick at 509-735-3551 or Pasco at 509-545-3511.