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Recycle old lights

This holiday season Home Depot is making it easy and less expensive to upgrade your holiday lights and the power drill to hang them.

Take in your strings of old, less-efficient lights and you'll receive a $3 coupon to use on a string of energy efficient light-emitting diodes string lights. The old-style lights will be recycled.

The Home Depot will carry traditional white and multicolored ENERGY STAR qualified LED lights that offer superior connectivity -- allowing consumers to link up to 87 strands (or a quarter-mile) of lights off of one outlet without the scare of overloading the circuit.

The holiday light offer is good Thursday to Nov. 15 and is limited to five coupons.

To help with your seasonal decorating The Home Depot is offering customers a chance to bring in their used or broken power drill and receive 15 percent off on a new lithium-ion drill.

Lithium-ion is a new technology in cordless tools offering more power and less weight. Lithium-ion chemistry is not harmful to the environment and outperforms NiCad by as much as 50 percent, requiring less charging time and saving energy.

The power drill offer runs through Nov. 8. The drills also will be recycled.