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Petal power

Here's a fun craft project that is inexpensive and will help preserve the beauty of your garden.

First, dry the flowers, which can take up to a month.

Gather flowers after the morning dew has evaporated off of them. You want the petals to be fresh, but with as little moisture as possible.

Look for big blossoms or pull off single petals, stems or leaves. Collect different colors, shapes and sizes. Bring the flowers to your crafting table. If flowers are thick, you can cut them in half or into smaller pieces. Flowers can be pressed on their sides or face down.

Grab a phone book and a newspaper. Cut sheets of newspaper into 8-inch squares. Only use black-and-white pages (because colored inks might seep into your petals). Stack about three or four squares of newspaper on an open page in the middle of the phone book.

Carefully place your petals on top of the newspaper. Stack about three or four squares of newspaper on top of that, then close the phone book. (It's like you're making a flower sandwich using newspaper as the "bread"). Stack several other phone books or heavy objects on top of the phone book containing the flowers. Try to distribute the weight evenly.

Wait three to four weeks for flowers to dry.

Carefully remove the flowers from the newspaper, and now you're ready to try a craft. Here are four that use items that we already had around the house.

The cost of these four projects for us? About $2 for a glue stick.

Gift box

Clear acrylic jar with removable top

Large dried flower

Glue stick

Tissue paper

1. Use glue stick to attach a large dried blossom as a decorative element to the lid of your jar.

2. Fill jar with a tissue paper that complements the color of the flower.

Gift tags

Card stock in various colors


Hole punch

Dried flowers

Glue stick

Raffia or other ribbon

1. Cut paper into shapes desired for tags.

2. Punch a hole into the corner of the tag.

3. Using glue stick, attach dried flower.

4. Tie a piece of raffia or other ribbon through the hole.

Monogram notecard

Card stock in various colors


Dried flowers with stems

Glue stick

1. Cut paper into desired shape.

2. Before adding the flowers, figure out how to arrange them to make the monogram letter of your choice.

3. Using the glue stick, attach the flowers to the card.

Decoupage vase

Tissue paper

Clear glass vase

Decoupage medium, such as Mod Podge


Dried petals

1. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Cover the vase, one area at a time, with Mod Podge, applying pieces of tissue paper and then applying more layers of Mod Podge on top of the tissue paper. Cover the entire vase in this manner.

2. In the places you'd like to attach petals, brush on more Mod Podge. Hold the petal down and then apply Mod Podge on top of it.

3. Let dry.