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Rake leaves with ease

When it comes to raking up leaves, there's simply no easy way, until now.

New Englander Bob Monahan has invented the EZ Leaf Hauler, a big scoop for leaves that sits flat to the ground so you can rake leaves directly into it. It's a lot like using an oversized dust pan.

As Monahan's website says, it's better than a wheel barrow: because it is easier to load and it can hold five times more.

Better than a blower because it is quieter, cheaper and requires less maintenance.

Better than a tarp because it has sides to hold more leaves, handles for dragging and stakes that hold it in place on windy days.

It's available directly from the manufacturer and comes in two sizes, 24 square feet, for $30, and 35 square feet, $35.

For more information or to order, go to www.ezleaf hauler.com.