'Trash Inc.' on CNBC will show landfills green with money

'Trash Inc., The Secret Life of Garbage' — no doubt a take-off on the cinematic 'Food, Inc.,' documentary — is scheduled to be aired at 9 p.m. PDT Wednesday on CNBC.

The crux of the report is that landfills are big business, to the tune of $52 billion each year. And it's safe to assume that portions of CNBC's production will touch on the Mid-Columbia.

For example, a slideshow on CNBC's website features "America's Largest Landfills." Two of the first four images are from less than 90 minutes away from the Tri-Cities.

No. 2 is the Roosevelt Regional Landfill near Goldendale. Operated by Republic Services, this facility reportedly accepts 8,300 tons per day and estimates the remaining life is 51 years.

Not far at all as the crow flies is No. 4, Columbia Ridge. Seattle sends its waste on rails to this Waste Management installation in Arlington, Ore. It's interesting to note that the methane produced by the decomposition reportedly generates enough power for 5,600 homes. And that power is sold to Seattle City Light.

If you miss the first airing, it appears that it will repeat immediately following — 10 p.m. Wednesday, and then at 7 p.m. PDT Sunday, Oct. 3.

Perhaps everyone who watches the program will be inspired to recycle just a bit more, although Pasco doesn't seem poised to adopt curbside recycling anytime soon.

As I've posted more than once, my wife and I recycle and compost so much at our Richland home that we could go about a month without needing to push our garbage container out to the curb. It's not difficult, but it does require some re-programming.