Deadline near for DOE 'green' awards for schools

RICHLAND — Here's another item presented by Gail Everett, the City of Richland's environmental education coordinator:

Mid-Columbia public and private schools wanting assistance with “greening” their schools are encouraged to apply for the Department of Ecology’s Terry Husseman Sustainable School Awards Program.

The monetary awards are to help schools promote sustainability, assist with reduction and recycling of waste or to increase environmental curricula.

The Department of Ecology encourages schools to be role models in environmental stewardship for students and community members.

Ecology plans to distribute as much as $30,000 among the winners this year. Awards can range from $500 to $5,000.

Applications are due Feb. 26 and are available on >

For additional information, contact the DOE awards coordinator on 360-407-6129 or Richland’s Environmental Education Office at 509-942-7730.