My "green" Slurpee

Actually, I favor the brown and refreshing Coca-Cola flavor in my Slurpeecup, but it might as well be green.

Here's why...

I hung onto the 22-ounce collectible Tony Romo/Madden 09 Slurpee cup that I bought last year from theRichland 7-Eleven onDuportail. And that little bit of conservation continues to pay off in theform of a discount.

Normally, a Slurpee of this size goes for $1.49. However, I save 20 cents byrefilling that cup at participating 7/11 stores, which includes Duportailoutlet and the internationally famous Slurpee location on Clearwater inKennewick.

The fan site called "My SlurpeeCup" suggests that cup owners label "Refill" somewhere on the vessel "sothat the person ringing in your purchase charges you the correct amount."

As a supporter of the Dallas Cowboys, I won't deface my cup. (I can onlyimagine what JessicaSimpson would do to it right now). Besides, attentive clerks at bothDuportail and Clearwater recognized the cup as a refill and charged me thecorrect amount without asking.

"It's been a while since we've sold that cup, so I knew it was a refill,"the Kennewick clerk told me. "We've been giving the discount for years. Idon't know why we still do it, because we don't make any money for doing it.But we plan to keep doing it, at least for the rest of this year."

As a member of the Green Team, I've taken this recycling further. I alsowash and re-use the dome lid and straw, then place the cup in a Ziploc bag.It saves me time at the machine because I no longer have to fumble for thecorrect dome lid. The cups themselves survive my dishwashing machine -- onthe top rack -- and they are Made in USA. Asheboro,N.C., to be exact.

And actually, I have two cups that I refill. I foisted the Reggie Bush cupon my wife. (I wonder what Kim Kardashian would do to that cup right now.)

I've since seen that I could buy a backup Romo cup on eBay for$19.88. However, a better use of your money would be the complete set offour — which included Eli Manning and LaDanian Tomlinson — it might notsurprise you that it's available on eBay for $12.99.

Just think, with enough refills, these cups would pay for themselves.