GreenTips: How much do we litter? And more interesting factoids.

Did you know...

-- Washingtonians created an average of 7.86 pounds of municipal waste in 2007 (the most recent figures available), 3.38 pounds of which were recycled.

-- About 11.5 gallons of water are needed to flush out a garbage disposal each day.

-- Bathroom use makes up 73 percent of all water used in a home.

-- In Washington state, 22 million pounds of litter end up in the environment each year, 7 million of which get picked up. Included in the total yearly litter are 65 tons of cigarette butts and 125 tons of plastic beverage containers.

-- In Benton and Franklin counties in 2007, more than 408,000 pounds of litter and illegally dumped materials were collected by state litter programs.

Sources: City of Richland, Washington State Department of Ecology.

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