A good movie ruined by cancer

Right now, I cannot stomach the thought of watching Sideways, the Oscar-nominated wine-tasting buddy movie.

It's one of my favorites in recent years, but I made the mistake of watching it on my laptop during my first chemotherapy treatment back in December. Now, just thinking about the movie brings back a flood of memories of a really bad day.

The mind is an amazing thing. Sounds and aromas can trigger memories of good times and bad. They can cause waves of nostalgia or - in this case - nausea.

Just thinking about Sideways hits me in the stomach and forces me to think about the antiseptic smell of the chemo room at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center.

As far as that goes, I also can't think about watching Office Space or Singles.

It's too bad because I really like those movies. I just have to figure out how to associate them with better memories.