Chemo stink

Three days after my first chemotherapy treatment back in December, I noticed a particularly rank odor emanating from the general area of my armpits. It was something like I remember from my junior high locker room, or it possibly was similar to what a sasquatch might smell like.

I made my wife smell it, after which she quickly scrunched up her nose and named it "chemo stink."

The aroma lingered even after I showered and seemed to be coming from every pore in my body for several days. With each successive chemo treatment, I continued to notice the "chemo stink" for about 10 days. Frankly, this pervasive pungency has been the worst part of the chemo treatments because it's a constant reminder of what I'm going through - and there's no escaping it.

My oncology nurse, Michelle, said the stink likely was from the various drugs I've been taking during chemo doing everything they can to get out of my body.

That makes sense, but it still stinks.