Does a guy with lymphoma need to be checked for colon cancer

As you may know from the fairly extensive advertising campaigns, March was Colon Cancer Awareness Month. As a guy with lymphoma who has been taking some very heavy doses of chemotherapy drugs since December, I have been curious if I need to be screened for colon cancer.

Seems I should be able to get a pass, considering I already have one type of cancer and am being treated. So I asked one of the oncology nurses at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. As it turns out, getting treated for one form of cancer doesn't exclude you from another kind. The drugs I am being given to fight lymphoma are very specific to my treatment and condition.

She added that because I do not have a history of colon cancer in my family, am under 50 years old and haven't noticed any polyps, then I can probably wait another half-decade before being screened.

If you are in the risk zone (50 or older, history in the family, polyps, etc.), then get screened. A colonoscopy is way more convenient than waging a war against this evil. Trust me on this one.