New hope for breast cancer cure

Japanese scientists have discovered an enzyme that could suppress breast cancer, according to this article by Reuters.

Breast cancer is the second-most-common form of breast cancer - after lung cancer - and killed a half-million people worldwide in 2005.

Friends who have survived cancer have told me that this is the best time in history to get cancer. Decades ago, cures, medicine - and hope - were just not there yet. My grandmother died of leukemia in the early '50s. She died on the train from Spokane to Portland to get treatment. I suspect she never really had a chance, as she was misdiagnosed as having anemia, so her cancer was caught too late.

Now, it feels as though science is on the cusp of a cure.

I recently met a woman whose son is in medical school, and he plans to study cancer. "He's going to cure cancer," his proud mother told me.

"Tell him to hurry up!" I replied. "I could use a cure right about now."