Mid-Columbia births for July 17

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

ADAMS — Jayme and Rob Crandall, West Richland, boy, July 6.

MATSON — Katie and Duane, Pasco, boy, July 7.

ZOOK — Robbie and Jason, Kennewick, girl, July 8.

MCCRARY — Lauren and Dyrel Whitby, Basin City, boy, July 8.

GOMEZ-MOORE — Carmen and Jereme Moore, West Richland, girl, July 8.

YZAGUIRRE — Angie and Ric Bonne, Kennewick, girl, July 9.

GOMEZ — Cynthia and Hugo Salgado, Pasco, boy, July 9.

RAMSEY — Christina, Richland, boy, July 10.

ORTEGA — Casandra and Irving, Pasco, girl, July 10.

MEACHAM — Samantha and Diego Mendoza, Richland, girl, July 10.