Mid-Columbia births for Tue, Apr 13, 2010

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

BERIC -- Senada and Ibro Beric, Kennewick, twins, boy and girl, April 6.

BUNCH -- Janell and Garrett, Richland, girl, April 6.

HEID -- Monica and Steve, Richland, girl, April 6.

HOOD -- Amy and Ryan Morris, West Richland, twins, girl and boy, April 6.

TREJO -- Diana and Andres Fierro, Kennewick, girl, April 6.

VALENCIA -- Gaby and Juan, Kennewick, girl, April 6.

GARCIA -- Maria, Kennewick, girl, April 7.

PENNINGTON -- Chelsea, Benton City, boy, April 7.

RODRIGUEZ -- Sonia and Rafael Barrera, Burbank, boy, April 7.

Kennewick General Hospital

KLAGES -- Janelle and Tyler, Kennewick, girl, April 11.

MYERS -- Ivy and Carlos Rodriguez, Kennewick, girl, April 10.

KELSEY -- Dorothy and Paul Estrada, Umatilla, boy, April 10.

GOLOVICH -- Elizabeth and James, Richland, girl, April 8.

FLORES -- Marisol and Adan Sanchez, Kennewick, girl, April 7.

JADA -- Nancy and Simon, Kennewick, boy, April 7.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

HANNON -- Crystal and Thomas Smith, Hermiston, boy, April 5.

BENITEZ -- Jhovana and Billy Macias, Hermiston, boy, April 5.

DAVIS -- Terra and Aaron, Hermiston, boy, April 4.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

RAMOS -- Casey and Christopher Rouse, Kennewick, girl, March 31.

TREVINO -- Sheira and Edwin Miguel, Kennewick, boy, April 1.

MACIAS -- Jazmin and David Garibay, Connell, girl, April 1.

LEDEZMA -- Blanca and Refugio Gamboa, Pasco, girl, April 1.

FARIAS -- Griselda and Candelario Marmolejo, Pasco, boy, April 2.

LOPEZ -- Maria and Pedro Meza, Kennewick, boy, April 4.

PEREZ -- Lelian and Eric, Pasco, boy, April 5.

KEETON -- Madison and Sergio Flores Jr., Pasco, girl, April 2.

Walla Walla General Hospital

SANDOVAL -- Analizeth and Jose Pesqueira, College Place, boy, March 25.

ROMERO-FLORES -- Guadalupe and Daniel Ramos Lara. Milton Freewater, girl, March 31.

GARCIA -- Maria and David Medina, Milton Freewater, girl, April 2.

BRANSCUM -- Angela and Robert, Walla Walla, girl, April 2.

SALDANA AVALOS -- Irais and Tereso Mercado Flores, Walla Walla, girl, April 3.

WATSON -- Vicki Jo and Nathaniel Vickers, Walla Walla, twin girls, April 3.

RUSSELL -- Karina and Jerid, Walla Walla, boy, April 7.

LOPEZ -- Lucia and Mario Ramirez, Walla Walla, boy, April 7.

MENDOZA -- Maria and Rene Nateras, College Place, girl, April 9.