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‘The Angel’s Share’ is a must-see gem

The Angel’s Share is the vapors of alcohol that escape as you pop off the cap of a bottle. In this case it’s whiskey, and Ken Loach’s most interesting movie revolves around redemption found in rare, expensive whiskey.

Loach ( My Name is Joe) teams with writer Paul Laverty, who penned the most excellent — and one of my all-time favorites — Even the Rain.

Paul Brannigan is Robbie. He’s a troubled, ghetto-based youth who is constantly in trouble with the law and with those in his community. That includes thugs and a potential father-in-law who want him neutralized or gone. Robbie has another more positive problem. His bride-to-be is about ready to give birth to their child.

Determined to make a better life for himself, the love of his life and their child, Robbie hits on a desperate — and for us, a very funny — scheme. This is laugh out loud, sometimes clever and sometimes silly, but it’s a must-see comedy.