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2011 CWAC preview: Save the date

Here is the 2011 football schedule for the Central Washington Athletic Conference. All game times 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Friday, Sept. 2

East Valley at Naches Valley; Ellensburg at Archbishop Murphy; Ephrata at Quincy (nonleague); Grandview at Sunnyside, 7:30 p.m.; Kamiakin at Prosser, 7:30 p.m.; Othello at Connell; River View at Toppenish; Wapato at Zillah; West Valley at Selah

Friday, Sept. 9

Ellensburg at East Valley; Prosser at Ephrata; Quincy at Othello; Selah at Wapato; Toppenish at Grandview

Friday, Sept. 16

East Valley at Quincy; Ephrata at Toppenish; Grandview at Selah; Othello at Prosser; Wapato at Ellensburg

Friday, Sept. 23

Ellensburg at Grandview; Prosser at East Valley; Quincy at Wapato; Selah at Ephrata; Toppenish at Othello

Friday, Sept. 30

East Valley at Othello; Ellensburg at Prosser; Ephrata at Wapato; Grandview at Quincy; Toppenish at Selah

Friday, Oct. 7

Grandview at East Valley; Othello at Ephrata; Quincy at Toppenish; Selah at Ellensburg; Wapato at Prosser

Friday, Oct. 14

East Valley at Toppenish; Ellensburg at Quincy; Ephrata at Grandview; Prosser at Selah; Wapato at Othello

Friday, Oct. 21

East Valley at Ephrata; Grandview at Wapato; Othello at Selah; Quincy at Prosser; Toppenish at Ellensburg

Friday, Oct. 28

Ephrata at Ellensburg; Othello at Grandview; Prosser at Toppenish; Selah at Quincy; Wapato at East Valley

Thursday, Nov. 3

Ellensburg at Othello; Prosser at Grandview; Quincy at Ephrata; Selah at East Valley; Toppenish at Wapato