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Editorial preview — April 29-May 5

The most likely topics for Tri-City Herald editorials in the week ahead cover some of our favorite topics — wine, the river, philanthropy, collaboration between government agencies. You’re encouraged to use the comment function to weigh in before we do. Or tell us if you think a different topic is more worthy of comment.

Health District split — This is our Thursday editorial. Local agencies ought to be looking for more ways to collaborate, not fewer.

Library contract for Pasco — The Mid-Columbia Library District and the city are close to an agreement. We’re all for improved library services in Pasco, but it’s a mistake to keep details under wraps. The public ought to know where this deal is headed and have a chance to comment while there’s still time to affect the outcome.

Gregoire signs tax package — It’s easy to lob bombs at the Democrats, but they had a tough job filling a $2.8 billion hole in the state budget. Too bad they had to do it alone. Better luck next year. Anger over tax increases is sure to translate to additional seats for Republicans in Olympia after the November election. Our Pollyanna side has us hoping that a more even split will force a bipartisan approach that begins to address the state’s budget crisis. The hodge-podge budget put together this year sure didn’t do it.

Lowering Pasco’s levees — There’s no getting around the Army Corps of Engineer’s mandate to put flood control first, but our congressional delegation needs to push for an expedited review. This doesn’t need to take years.

Tri-Citian of the Year — The banquet is Friday night. It’s our tradition to congratulate the winner, and detail the years of community service behind the award.

Port of Kennewick proposes wine village — Making Tri-Cities the epicenter of Washington’s wine industry is a good idea. That’s going to happen one winery at a time. If the port can advance the process, it’s all to the good.