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Preview Herald editorials for April 22-28

Here are the most likely topics for Tri-City Herald editorials in the week ahead. You’re encouraged to use the comment function to weigh in before we do.

Wine shipments — Our colleagues at Wine Press Northwest alerted us to a bill dropped in Congress that would burden small wineries in the Mid-Columbia. We’re writing that one for Thursday’s edition.

Day of Prayer — We’re all for the separation of church and state, but the constitutional prohibition against establishment of religion was never meant to prohibit all religious expression. Setting aside a day of prayer doesn’t threaten our First Amendment rights.

Badger Mountain and the Richland shelterbelt — Two of our favorite places are only getting better, thanks to dedicated volunteers. Kudos.

Benton County Fairgrounds — We don’t understand why county commissioners have balked on a plan to sell the east Kennewick site to the fair association. We have to acknowledge a conflict of interest, editorial board member Lori Lancaster is the fair’s manager. But we’d still be puzzled without her input. If the county can't run the fairgrounds at a profit, why not let the fair association try?

Sacajawea State Park — Progress on the Maya Lin designed art project is worthy of comment. Her story circles project commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition will attract history buffs and art enthusiasts. It’s an asset to our community.

Columbia Park Golf Course — It doesn’t look as though the Kennewick City Council will spend taxpayer money to buy back the lease on the course. That’s good. The buyout never looked like a smart use of tax dollars.